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Basic Obedience

        Adult basic obedience should begin at about six to twelve months of age, although it is never too late. This course teaches "Sit", "Heel", "Stay", "Come", "Stand", and the quick heel. It also covers good canine manners and correcting problems such as jumping up and pulling on the leash.

Private Classes
        Private classes provide one-on-one quality instruction that is specifically suited to your dog. This is the best option for dogs needing extra time and attention, and for people who want to work at their own pace. Private classes are very flexible in terms of scheduling, so they are ideal for people with a full timetable.

                     Location:        5584 Gilpin St., Burnaby BC
                                or 12462 231a St., Maple Ridge BC

        $25 Can. per class or $160 for 8 classes

In-Home Classes
     In-home classes may be arranged on an individual basis. These classes allow you and your dog to learn in the comfort of your own home.


Advanced and Specialty Training

        All advanced and specialty classes are generally offered only as private and in-home classes. Group classes may be set up if there is sufficient interest.

Puppy Training
        Puppy training is a fun and gentle introduction to training. It is a precursor to adult formal obedience, and should be considered essential for all dogs between the ages of three and twelve months. It involves teaching your puppy how to walk on a leash and developing a good attitude towards training. Basic commands are introduced in a fun, informal way.

Note:   Dogs between the ages of six and twelve months may be candidates for either puppy or adult obedience, depending on the characteristics of the individual dog.
Advanced Obedience
        Advanced obedience follows basic obedience. It includes more difficult exercises such as commands at a distance and "Heel & Down". You will also learn to work your dog off-leash.
Brace Training
        This program is essential for anyone who owns two or more dogs. Your dogs will learn to act as a team, and this will make it not only possible, but enjoyable for you to go out with both dogs at once. Brace training will allow you to control both dogs with one leash.



        Consulting is available if you have questions or concerns, but do not necessarily want a training session. For example you may be thinking about buying a dog and would like professional input.


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